We provide practical and legal advice to investors, entrepreneurs and directors of companies, on all aspects of their transactions, both domestic and international. We understand that growth and success will always involve a level of risk, and we work closely with our corporate clients to help them achieve success while managing risks within a comfortable level.

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We provide support to create the type of legal entity most appropriate to fulfill our clients’ needs. We work on a broad range of corporate matters, including the entry of new shareholders, capital increases, financial structures, and relations with authorities and public sector entities. On important transactions, such as the purchase of real estate and other valuable assets, we work on the contracts with sponsors, real estate developers and construction companies, we assist them in applying and securing the permits required for hotels, shopping centers, housing projects and office buildings, and we work with them on the subsequent sales or leases.

We understand the distress and adverse impact frequently caused by the State’s intervention over business activities. We help our clients to interpret and apply new rules to their best advantage in critical matters, such as exchange controls, prices of goods and services, consumer protection, foreign investment, industrial standards and customs. We also advise our clients in connection with rules governing specific sectors, such as consumer goods, health services, pharmaceutical products, telecommunications, and films and media.

Our work does not stop on the strictly legal matters. We strive to understand the commercial implications of each transaction, and we provide innovative solutions to prevent losses, overcome obstacles, and maximize profits.